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WGGB invites you to share your passion for golf! Women Golfers Give Back supports golf programs for girls in the greater Philadelphia region that encourage personal development through unique opportunities for skill building, playing and competing. Exposure to golf and all of the character-building aspects of the game will lead to greater educational and career opportunities but most of all- a whole lot of fun!

These Girls Are Good!
Many of our girls play on school teams

Developing Skills

Jane Cousounis instructing WGGB girls

Tournament Play at Sunnybrook Golf Club
Carrying your clubs is great exercise

Watch Our New Video!
Learn more about WGGB

Meet Three WGGB Girls
Paige Poteat, Sunshine Gu and Tessa Posey

College Prospect
WGGB Girls Have their Eyes on Scholarships

A Lifelong Sport
Golf skills will help in business

Making Friends
Golf is a great way to meet new people

Nothing Beats a Day on the Course
Playing golf with friends is FUN!